Sunday, December 18, 2011

Secret Garden

Hyun Bin- The Man

One man loves you.
That man loves you with all his heart.
Everyday, he follows you like a shadow.
He is laughing but actually crying.
Just How… How much longer do I have to gaze at you this alone?
This love that came like the wind,
This love like a beggar
If I continue this way, will you love me? Oh~
Just come a little bit nearer.
A little more.
If I take one step closer to you, then you take two steps back.
I who love you is next to you even now.
That man cries.
That man is very timid.
So he learned how to laugh.
There are so many things that he can’t even tell his best friend.
His heart is filled with scars.
So that man,
He loved you because you were the same.
Yet another fool, yet another fool,
Won’t you hug me before you go?
I want to be loved, my baby
Everyday in my heart, just in my heart, I shout out
That man is beside you even today.
Do you know that man is me?
You aren’t doing this to me even though you know it?
You probably don’t know because you’re a fool.
Just How… How much more do I have to gaze at you alone?
This foolish love,
This miserable love,
If I continue this way, will you love me? Oh~
Just come a little bit closer, a little more.
If I take one step closer to you,
Then you take two steps back.
I who love you am next to you even now.
That man cries.

this song is taken from one of my favourite korean movie, Secret Garden starring Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won. I'm sure you will like it. Kim Joo Won(Hyun Bin) is the best and perfect guy to fall for. How i wish i could meet someone like him,haha :D In case you haven't watch this movie, you better NOW ! In case you have already watch this movie, watch it AGAIN. I guarantee you won't be disappointed :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Enchanted to know you

There i was again tonight, forcing laughter, faking smiles,

Same old, tired place lonely place,

Walls of insincerity, shifting eyes and vacancy,

Vanished when i saw your face,

All i can say is it was enchanting to meet you.

Your eyes whispered, "Have we met?" across the room,

your silhouette,

Starts to make its way to me,

The playful conversation starts, counter all you quick remarks

Like passing notes in secrecy,

And it was enchanting to meet you,

All i can say is i was enchanted to meet you.

This night is sparkling, don't you let it go,

I'm wonder-struck, blushing all the way home,

I'll spend forever wondering if you knew,

This night is flawless, don't you let it go,

I'm wonder-struck, dancing around all alone,

I'll spend forever wondering if you knew,

I was enchanted to meet you

This is me praying that,

This was the very first page, not where the storyline ends,

My thoughts will echo your name until i see you again,

These are the words i held back as i was leaving too soon,

I was enchanted to meet you

Please don't be in love with someone else,

Please don't have somebody waiting on you...

I don't know why but somehow the lyrics reminds me to you. Yup,it was enchanting to meet you. No doubt about that. Hope our friendship will lasts long and please stop all these avoidance. thanks :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Uni :)

Hey bloggers ! How are you? It has been a long time i havent update my blog,right? Few months or maybe almost a year huh? haha :D

Nvm, i guess i'm just too busy,that's why. haha. Well, life after SPM was definitely better and happier. But, WAIT ! Before that, just fyi,a lot of my friends get to go for an interview with MARA and JPA and even Khazanah(Aiman,the genius 10A+ guy which happens to be my classmates,kinda proud actually,haha). So, now they are doing their A-levels at their college. AND ME??? Well, never thought of being here right now,to tell you the truth,never thought about this Uni before. hah. I'm currently officially studying at UiTM Puncak Alam doing foundation in Science. Well, at first thought, where the hell is Puncak Alam?? Never heard of that name actually,haha. So, my family and I go and make a survey. Just checking around to see my future study place,haha. First impression on puncak alam was WOW ! It's new and it's nice. More like overseas view since it's full of trees and not really developed yet. However, one thing that attracts my attention the most is, THE STAIRS. It's high,no... wait ! It's realllllllyyyyyy high. There's 284 stairs for me to climb up every single day just to go to class. *thinking that i could actually be slim in just a few weeks,haha :D
tak percaya? okay,tgklah sendiri !

Well, okay then,i registered on the 23rd of Mei 2011. First day here, busy..really busy. Finally i got the most strategic hostel here,the nearest to the bus stop,oh yeah ! and the stairs too,wee~ So, as usual i have to pass through a week of orientation but here they called it as Minggu Destini Siswa also known as MDS. Yup,we do have 'sufficient' sleep throughout this week. That's just the only bad part i guess besides the food and drinks which is so not sedap and sangatlah sikit . But you know what,the best part of orientation week is that, we had a fun like super duper fun. We play games like siput-siput and break time. We also learnt a few phrases to tease the guys or we called it here 'siswa' and not forgotten there's also phrases for siswi, one of it sounds like this "siswi,siswi. jangan gedik. rrrrrrrr...." okay,it might sounds better and funnier if you were at my place,hah. Overall, i did enjoy my orientation week although most people would complain about it. And and i love all my usherers Abg E'ein and Kak Mashi especially. Love them till death.

Oh oh, what's more important is that, i met new friends and we have become really close like we have known each other for years, and they are my housemates. They are Cipah (ex schoolmates,nver thought i could be close to her,haha :D), Saffa, Faza ( roommate), Syuhada who we called Ada ( have gone to SPA), Ema, Mas and Meera. They are the awesomest housemates. But i get much closer to Ema and Mas after the orientation week. haha. But for Saffa,Ada,Cipah and Faza...we're like best buddies throughout the week. Any
activity we do it together and we find it interesting because we came from different place. Yup,girls as always, there's a lot of stories to tell. :)

okay,the one with turqoise tudung and the other one wearing blue shirt is not my housemate. they're my housemate's friend :)

and this is me and Cipah,ex-melawatians :)

to be continued...

Classmates :D

Oh hey hey hey ! Where did i stop from my last post? err..nvm, i'll just continue writing all about my classmates. Okay, my class is given a name C10 a.k.a HardcoreC-Tension. haha, there's some story behind that name actually. Nvm,we'll just leave it kay,not important pun ! :D

So here's the thing. Classmates ! There are 31 of them minus Lutfi who has moved to Intec. Well,not forgotten he managed to be my groupmate for Eng presentation was a quite unpleasant experience since he's too shy and i kinda have communication problem with him,hah! But now he's a changed person. I'm proud of him. Guess i'm just being too "kl" with him,haha. Right,moving on to the others. mmm....what can i say about them. Nothing much since i just knew them for aroung 3 months i guess. There are a few of them i'm close to. Well,roughly said they were awesome. During our first few weeks in class, there's always this awkward moment when everyone is so silent especially the guys. I wonder why they didnt even speak in class, but then BAM ! When one of our classmate create a group on Fb, now i know their true perangai. haha. They are as talkative and as fun as the melawatians, but of course melawatians were louder. *oops ! hehe

Well, honestly i'm still in the process of getting to know them. So far so good. haha. They are just more than worth it to be my classmates. I love them soo much,eventhough i didnt show much of my love and care towards them, i do care deep in my heart. Hope i can still meet them and we'll be much closer during our 2nd sem. yeah, HOPEFULLY. :)
Mmm...not gonna described in details since all these could not be described in words, so i'll just show you how interesting they are. haha.

C10 crew members :)

closest buddies

camwhoring session :P

our last bio lab for 1st sem

hanging out with them for the first time :')

in our lecture halls

and..finally IT'S ME ! hehe...

Alright, i guess that's all for now. I'll be updating this blog from time to time. Depends on my mood actually,haha. Okay, have fun bloggers ! :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

For you :')

Smiling as you say goodbye,
you told me to be happy
as though nothing was wrong,
Watching your back as you walked away,
I prayed you wouldn't cry because of me,
If i see the falling tears,
I can't leave,
I can't let you go,but
because the rain was falling,
it was really okay...
Because i couldn't see your tears, it was okay...
Because it was okay,
I couldn't hold you back,
Because the rain that could erase
the painful memories in your heart
was falling down...
Because your heart was crying,
Because the rain was falling,
Because my heart was crying,
Because the rain was falling,
Because i loved you,
I couldn't hold you back,
To embrace your sadness
in your clear and gentle life,
I think i may become the rain...

Monday, January 3, 2011


Few days ago,went to Dyla's house. It was like a small reunion between her close friends. Only a few close friends were invited,some i knew since form 1,some since form 3 and some even since standard 1. It was a simple and fun reunion. It felt really happy to meet your close friends and talk to them before we go into our separate ways in the future. Adilah is going overseas to pursue her studies in medic. I am proud of her and i knew she could made it there. How i wish i pursue studies like her. Too bad,she's leaving this 10th Jan 2011,i'm gonna lose my nice-beautiful-smart-humble-adorable-precious friend. Hope to meet her again after 7 years from now.
Not forgotten,i met a few other friends, zully,qis,anis,qeyla,amal,dee,tyna,ain,eli,aiman,jerrick,brian,kaif,hanif. I can't really describe how happy am i to get to meet them that night. Yeah,i might not gonna have chance to meet them again next time. It was fun,i even had a chance to watch MEAN GIRLS with them. The food was great and i went home around 11 feeling really full. Thanks for everything,Adilah. And thanks for the invitation. I'm gonna miss you and have the best of luck there.

Haih. Everyone is going their separate ways agter SPM. Some took medicine and some took other courses. Everyone has their own plans in future. Some might end up studying locals and some might pursue studies overseas. Me? I'm not even sure yet,i'll just hope for excellent results and bright chance in getting a scholarship. The only good thing after SPM is,we get a full chance to meet hang out with friends more frequently. However,i'm kinda the hard one to go out,parents were strict enough. Nvm,insyaallah kalau nasib baik,oleh kar dgn kwn2. ;)
Oh,not forgotten. Good thing about SPM is my friends from boarding schools is back. I get a chance to meet them and actually have a loooonnnggg talk with them. It was fun. Most of them haven't changed at all and some changed into a better ones. Alhamdulillah.

Whatever it is, i just want to express how much i miss those moments and memories i had with them,my besties. Melawatians were great. They have all the good personalities you can see in a human being. Each one of them has a very unique way of enjoying life. You will never regret to actually know these people. All the fights,bad-mouthing and gossips were just a bit if the bitterness of life with friends. Soon it will be forgotten. More important is the strong bond of friendship you have during your school days. That is priceless.
Latly,my only wish is i could get to meet them,my friends soon in the future with our own life and ou own careers. I wish them the best of luck in entering the next phase of life a.k.a the adults world. ;) <3

Friday, December 24, 2010

Bye SPM,hye Results!

SPM is done! Done done done!
Now, waititng for driving license thingy and Uni. Hope to achieve the best !

March i guess will be SPM results...gosh! I'm freaking afraid plus nervous to know the results.
Phys was quite urgh. Bio paper 3 was a total surprising. Ag-tajwid was what?? but i guess i got it right,hehe,hopefully. Overall, SPM wasnt too much different than trials. Quite tough,so i can just hope for the best. At least i know i have try my best. Believe it or not,we spent time studying and praying hard for two years just for 9 days in SPM which determines our future ahead. Damn,how scary that is.
SO,just pray for the best. 9A+ please...straight A's kalau bolehhhhh.